Fast Back Door Action. Anal sex
I gave her some FBA last night
by Phil Martin November 17, 2003
Top Definition
The FBA (Failed Bush Administration) is what we can attribute everything about the horrible economy to. It is a catch all that I use frequently in dealing with stingy and crookedrepublican customers. They try to jew everyone they deal with. They will try to dicker over the price of a cup of coffee.
The reason a nice motel room isn't $20 is due to the FBA. The reason your coffee isn't free is due to the FBA. The reason you cannot use my restroom is due to the FBA. The reason I have to be standing here at all is due to the FBA.
by Running Out Of Patience November 27, 2009
Acronym for Full Blown AIDS or the point at which an AIDS patient's condition is in full bloom.
"Johnny has contracted a rare form of cancer. Must be the FBA."
by SecretCutter May 23, 2003
While talking to my friend at a bar and I noticed a fat chick walking up to him from behind. She had a grin on her face that looked like she was gonna eat him. So I shouted out FBA. All men in the vicinity scattered to the nearest mens restroom were we waited till sunrise.
by TheSnowyWeasel June 21, 2010
F.B.A stands for "Faggot Bent Arse" a description of someone getting on your nerves.
Chris and John where walking down the street and saw a Emo and said: He's an F.B.A.
by Ted Klux October 30, 2011
to be linked sexually because you've both slept with the same person

fucking by association
I wouldn't want to be connected to my friends by F.B.A. and have sex with a dude they've already had sex with----that's so grimy!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009
1. Fucking Bad Ass

2. A group of friends who just sit around and drink constantly

AJ: FBA meeting. NOW.
Joey: Dude I'm already wasted...
Bryant: So FBA...
by Bp28 May 31, 2007
means - Full Blown Aids
"you better be careful with that skank, she looks like she got F.B.A."
by siro August 28, 2006

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