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"He was my FATH."
by Giannavale December 07, 2009
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- i don't feel like going out. i'm feelin' totally fath..
- fat?
- fath
- fAT?
- fATH
- FAT??????
by catfight12 January 09, 2009
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When it is so hot outside that all you can say is fath.
BOB: Hey Joe lets play basketball outside.

JOE: No way man it's way to fath. I wish it was brr.
by #ballin June 19, 2013
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A illness caused by the contamination from the land of zorg in sector 914. This may result in a serious growth on ones right bollock.
Colin has got fath, he seems to be off work today.

"Just Woken up, feel like fath warmed up"
by Al Bird September 09, 2004
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