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The ploral form of 'moose'.
Aubrey: HOLY POOP EMILY! look at that big field of Fark over yonder!
Emily: Gee Wizz! That must be Sarah Palin's Fark Breeding Farm!
by fdaklfd September 26, 2009
4 17
To fark is, quite simply, to park and fuck.
"So we were in my car, right? And she asks me to pull over because she wants to fark!"

"We totally farked at the drive-in movie last night."
by ohmyfark July 18, 2009
5 18
What most of us understand to be a pronged eating utensil or split in the road. "Fark" is the midwestern/southern pronunciation of "fork".
Hey Billy Bob, could you please warsh the knives and farks?
by farkedtongue February 21, 2009
5 18
The act of passing gas in an immobile vehicle.
Hannah: "Im glad we found this parking spot"
Jeremy: "Me too! Do you smell that?"
Hannah: "Yeah sorry I just farked."
by Bits and Trix January 23, 2009
5 18
pertaining to sex, expressing ones feelings toward the outcome of a situation
"Don'd fark this up!" or "I need good farking"
by Ram MacKenzie October 14, 2007
4 17
What you say when you don't wanna say fuck.

Jackass: What the fark are you doing?!
Asshole: Farking Jackasshole.
Jackasshole: GET THE FUCK OFF ME!
Jackass and Asshole: Teecha! He said the F word!
Teecha: Why the fark do you talk like that?
Innocent Bystander: What The Fark.
Innocent Bystander 2: Yeah really! Us fine gentlemen do not need those words in our-OW OW OW OW OW WHY THE FUCK DID YOU KICK ME?!!!!
Innocent Bystander: You were say-OW YOU FRIGGEN IDIOT!
15 29
1) Is everything and nothing at the same time.
2) Can be added or exchanged for all words

i.e. Can be a verb, noun, adjective, or a fark....
what the fark.
Farkin A.
I am going to eat a big plate of fark.
or shows names as well
The Farkily Guy
or songs
Twinkle Twinkle lil Fark.
by Draco1668 September 25, 2007
13 28