(verb) to execute an expulsion of gas from one's fundament which makes a sound similar to that uttered by The Simpsons character Marge Simpson
"Instead of protesting by conventional means at the firing of Mrs Krepp, the entire 12th grade will instead attempt to farge noisily during the principal's speech..."
by Uwe Loewe January 13, 2010
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A nonsensical word used in beatboxing. Made famous on the television show "Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!"
FARGE. *unn sss unn unn unn sss sss*

by waxthenip July 02, 2007
What happens when people "kinda" forget the other name for the chocolate cream you put on ice cream. Now used to replace Heck Hell Freak and Frick in "What the..."
What the Farge?
An expression used to describe confusion or anger. or both.
by Mark Chu November 26, 2004
To illuminate your country via candles
Guy 1: Dude...it's fucking dark!!

Guy 2: Here! Let me farge!
by XxBeans&FruitxX December 13, 2010
When one individual needs to defacate and another does not, the former individual places his anal sphincter adjacent to the latter's sphincter and proceeds to defacate into the latter's rectum.
Person 1: Ugh, I really have to shit.

Person 2: I just emptied out a little while ago so you wanna' farge?

Person 1: That would be sweet!
by BABIESwithTITS April 07, 2008
Another name for a very hairy vagina.
Shave your farge.
I can smell your farge from here.
Your farge is growing through your trousers.
I licked your mums farge.
by Deano Squire October 28, 2007
Pronunciation: fahrj
A nice grassy field with a few trees, rocks, and bushes. Probably by a body of water.
This is a great place to find small furry mammals, lizards and other cute wildlife.
"Sweet, where did you guys find that Northern Prairie Skink?"

"Oh, dude, we found it in that farge over there."
by Anch August 04, 2007

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