A colloquialism often added to a sentence to denote exclamation or emphasis.
Far, what a serious.
You clearly have no argument. FAR.
by Splacken November 23, 2006
anything outside the range of a full extended arm from a lying down position on the couch and not being able to move to get an item because the ass groove has a hold on the body comparable to that of a tractor beam from Star Wars
Hey man can you get that beer for me? (With outstretched arms) dude, thats far!
by far reach July 09, 2010
acronym for Fat Ass Redneck. Usually lazy, live in a moble home, wear wifebeaters, and listen to Toby Keith
Cletus is a FAR.
by MorbidFlorist April 11, 2010
1. F.A.R.- stands for Fat Ass Ride, an acronym meaning car. ("whos far are we taking today?")
2. synonymous with "long ass" or "a fucking hike"- a word used mostly by stoners to describe a walking distance of over about 3 feet. ("hey mike, get me a beer." "get your own fucking beer- the fridge is fucking far away.")
by lauren August 31, 2003
Fuck And Run. ditch the girl after fucking.
he FAR.
he FAR.
he FAR.
he FAR.
by leilomo June 07, 2007
1. Acronym for Further Analysis Required. Used as a rating in determining whether someone is attractive or not. Postpones final judgment of their physical appearance until they can be examined more thoroughly.

2. An inconvenient distance often leading you to use #1.
Guy 1: Would you bang that chick?

Guy 2: I dunno, she's kinda far.
by Blasmafallata5731 October 07, 2010
A distance I can run.
See doe, a deer, a female deer.
by Gumba Gumba May 22, 2004

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