(n) Britni Spear's soda of choice!
"I'll take a number two... and a Fanta!"
#britni spears #fanta #soda #breakdown #fat
by MZALZA January 16, 2009
Fanta Meaning, Fuck And Never Touch Again, Is normally found with a serious case of beer goggles. Use Fanta with cation
Fuck it...Im having me a fanta tonight
#beer #goggles #drunk #wasted #tosspotted
by twisted_walker November 12, 2006
1. To cause slight irritation to (another) by troublesome, often repeated acts.
2. To harass or disturb by repeated attacks.
3. To provoke impatience, anger, or displeasure in.
4. An anoying little boy or plays utopia and smokes pot all day.
"I was being very Fanta on IRC yesterday guys, sorry about that"
by L33ToX October 26, 2004
Happy, enthusiastic, smart, intelligent and gay. The contrary of coke (straight)
That guy is hot. He's definitely fanta!
#fanta #gay #coke #straight #fag
by nelnelnel June 16, 2009
To feverishly and frantically engage in sexual activity.
I said to my chick, "Hey, your mom's coming home soon, let's go to your room and fanta really quick.
by Chimp magnet June 25, 2003
The inability to store audio and video properly in a digital form.
Fanta has ruined this program.
by Canibus November 28, 2003
Stands for "fuck and never touch again". Coined in Sweden 2007
She's such a Fanta.
by Henry Maxe March 09, 2016
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