The most fabulously fruity substance in the whole fucking world, endorsed by Barak Obama, he says that Fanta is 'sqeezed by god himself into the holy fountains of the fanta factory'. However it is argued to be the 'Piss of Satan' by celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson and Toby Maguire. But who cares cause they're dumb fucks who have no relevance to society and need to die.

Fants is arguably the best liquid substance known to man, tastier than Dr Pepper and more addictive than Crystal Meth.
(Man stranded in Sahara desert)

Shit i'm so dehydrated, fuck me is that an oasis?! Oh my - ... oh its only water. I can survive without it, i'd rather have some Fanta.
by FloraJane May 25, 2009
Top Definition
Fuck And Never Touch Again
by paulryman June 23, 2003
a drink created by nazis during ww2 to keep the german soldiers fighting.
Nazi Soldier #1 :Hallo...geben sie mir ein fanta!
Nazi Soldier#2: Nicht ist es gut?
Nazi Soldier #1: Yah.
by Mr. Umbobadob. October 23, 2006
Makers of GREAT orange soda !!
Hoggy Wash !!!!
by Poster Nutbag June 24, 2003
Fuck and never touch again.
Do you want to FANTA?
by volcombabe08 May 15, 2005
a type of leaf that is crushed up and mixed with weed when put in a joint to make a more flavorful and smooth smoke.
Hey man crush up that fanta while i pick out the seeds and stems!
by 420souljah November 06, 2006
a soda company, see also, fuck and never touch again
fanta, makes really good soda!
by Kyle Biddle July 08, 2004
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