Females who admire somebody because of their name, who they are, or how much money they have. A "fan" may admire from a distance or become so obsessed with their admirer that they have to make themselves known. They come and go as they please, and they'll hang around until they find someone they feel has a better name or more money.
That bitch don't really like him, she's just a fan!
by Unknown....................... December 18, 2013
A person who admires a well known person.
"Hey Harry Styles did you know you have fans??? They're people who love you and would want to be foLLOWED BY YOU ON TWITTER GET THE HINT WHITE BOY
by whorancraic September 04, 2013
Fandom of anything comes in two flavors; hardcore & casual.

Casual fans enjoy the show or game or book, but usually not enough to involve themselves in debates, fanart, fanfiction, & wikis. The ones that do work off limited memory of the subject.

Hardcore fans come in two flavors; purist & degenerate.

Purist fans insist that characters in fanfiction be completely in character & that the story has continuity nods. Degenerate fans change the personalities of characters to suit their needs, especially if the plot revolves around their Mary-Sue character.

Purist fans' OCs will not be romantically involved with canon characters & will be appropriate for the setting. Degenerate fans' OCs will look & feel very out-of-place with their surroundings, be deeply involved with canon characters, dress very differently than everyone else, & have a large number of special abilities & talents.

Purists purge any speculations that cannot be proved with solid evidence from Wiki pages. Degenerates create the speculations & often continue to stick with them even after the concepts have been steamrolled by new continuity. They also slash characters who canonically are not into eachother.

Purist fanart may or may not try to mimic the look of the original, but at least keeps it clean. Degenerate fanart includes humanizing animals, animalizing humans, breast inflation, porn, bestiality, pedophilia, weight gain, gratuitous nudity, & gender swapping.
1)The more unsavory fans of Adventure Time spend all their thoughts on potential pairings while the nerdier ones keep their eyes open for Mario & Zelda references.

2)Casual fans of Peanuts fancy Marcie & Peppermint Patty as lesbians, despite their established shared crush on Charlie Brown & the fact that they were only 8 years old. Is it wishful thinking or could they just not be assed to read the comics the TV series was based on?

3)Many believe that large adult male fanbase for Friendship is Magic to be creepy, but it is actually the 12-18 year old male fans who make the bulk of the fanart you can never unsee.
by ThatEvilRedhead February 14, 2013
Fuckboy ass nigga
Person 1: Hey, you know that dude named Logan?

Person 2: Yeah, I heard he's a FAN!
Person 1: Yeah I thought he was.
by M.n.M April 04, 2015
Fan, a name of an asian person who is too pussy to send some work to a friend to use as reference.

No swag because all he does is swagger jack

Micro penis very awful disease

Too cheap to give friend 15% discount to his fathers restaurant
Fucking fan you piece of shit

Why You being such a fan
by FansAnoob October 23, 2011
Someone considered to be a bit silly or

Originated from spar in woodburn.

Can replace a name
You are a total fan like!

wee fan said to fan, "wheres that big fan?"

"hows it going fan?"
by Fanjitz April 07, 2008
Rim's that keep spinning when you stop(spinners), or rims that are really big.
"Getting dough
see i'm ridin on fans"

by mackrock17 March 18, 2007
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