Fetal Attack Squad. All members are considered gods in most small countries like, well, canada and france mostly. initiations are secret(icyhot on ur balls) but very entertaining to watch ppl scream in pain. if u want to start a branch of the F.a.S contact me at though definitions of F.a.S. All french and candian half breed french mutts are excluded from this offer because we dotn allow hardcore fairies like that in.
Chadahooch, Suzie, Rieffer, Jibbs, Joo, Kip Fu, Squeeks, Itzakadoozie, Ham-L, Pickle 5-0, Rouge Leader, and Nasty Buttler
by Urban Dictionary June 05, 2003
Top Definition
A Fat Admirer, or a guy with a preference towards big girls BBWs. And yes, they do exist, and no, a FA is not the same as a feeder. Contrary to popular belief, Fat Admiration is not a fetish, it's no different to a preference for redheads or short girls.
Katie was always miserable in relationships till she met Tommy. He's a true FA and loves her big sexy body!
by therealrichieedwards February 09, 2005
A long, long way to run.
Nigga please! That's waaay to fa for me to run.
by HuskyMiller January 12, 2007
Short for Fat Acceptor or Fat Admirerer. Refers to one who is attracted to large or plump men or women.
Oh, Bill, he's an FA.
by Mxyzptlk246 June 06, 2006
Short form for Forever Alone.
Hey, it's nearly Feb 14th! Official FA day is here!
by Djonym January 24, 2012
Fuck all (used in the expression Sweet FA, which originally stood for Sweet Fanny Adams)

(from Wikipedia)
Sweet FA, I think he found out that we bailed on him. He's going to be pissed!
by imp September 06, 2004
A generalized term that furries use to refer to the website www.furaffinity.net
Person 1: "Yo you see my new art update on FA yet?"

Person 2: "Nah, I haven't had time yet."

Person 3: "kk."
by Wolgon Hat December 12, 2010
Flirt Alert - To Flirt
oh My god.. stop FA.. we are supposed to be friends..
by Slowy August 17, 2012
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