WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar's finisher.
Brock Lesnar hits Kurt Angle with the F5 and gets the pin to retain his WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Championship!
by SmackAhoe July 24, 2003
a Tornado rated: (violent), with winds from 261-318 mph, causing (RARE) INCREDIBLE DAMAGE: Homes on slabs levelled with debris removed. Schools, motels and other marginally engineered buildings have considerable damage with exterior walls and roofs gone. Top stories demolished.
Holy fuck! That was a HUGE f5 tornado, moved my house 500 yards before crashing it in the middle of the highway... Totally demolished!
by Brian February 28, 2004
Brock Lesnar's signature move when he picks them up on his shoulder and the person does a 90 degree spin
My friend got a F-5 for being a dickhead motherfucka
by Birdkilla05 November 12, 2003
refresh your computer scren like a cold shower on a hot winters day
Lets F5 this bitch its stopped working
by secret156 June 13, 2013
Reminding someone who you are or of something.
Boy 1: Ha your lame.

Boy 2: Yo do I have to F5 yo ass

Boy 1: No I was just kidding
by Darth Fader XII July 24, 2012
The highest rating that can be applied to a Tornado, using the fujita scale.

F5 Tornados have wind speeds in the area of 261-318mph and do incredible amounts of damage.

Sometimes referred to as 'fingers of god'.
An F5 tornado hit Omaha on May 6, 1975......
by mrenigma August 01, 2004
that horrible button on my computer
I hit F5 to knock Craig off of inklink.
by Lo!s!er October 15, 2003

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