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Last function key.
"Dude, press F12."
"Dude, why?"
"Dude, Just press it."
"Dude, nothing happened."
"Dude, it's great isn't it."
by Soiled Undergarment August 07, 2003
Flaunting horniness and wanting to have sex with anyone and or anything. To fuck someone. To seduce someone.
Barbra-"wow aaron you look super hot today. Why don't you come back to my house later?"

Barbra-(10 seconds later) "oh hey thereeeeeeeeeee cutie why dont you come over here"

Aaron-"barbra stop trying to f12 everyone."
by maverickamericancookies! July 16, 2011
* Open the Save as window in Microsoft Word.
* Shift + F12 save the Microsoft Word document.
* Ctrl + Shift + F12 prints a document in Microsoft Word.
I saved my autobiography as 'My Life.docx' on Word by pressing F12.
by tehqwerq January 28, 2009
A group of 12 awesome friends .
Who love each other for ever.
Boy:you're in F12 right?
Girl: yeah!
boy:OH! you guys are so cool!
boy: what do you guys do?
girl: be totally awesome
by Forever12. May 21, 2009
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