Expression of disgust often heard in Yucatan, Mexico.

Also spelled: Fó
Guy: Look at Pedro, he barfed all his cerveza.
Chick: Fo!
by MousePad October 28, 2005
term used for masturbation. Stands for "Fuck Ones Self"
Going to bed to FOS be back later
by toilet`duck January 01, 2005
In chicago "Fo" means Four Cornered Hustla. Which is a Chicago Gang.
"Iight Fo"
"Hey Fo"
by Folabi May 20, 2005
1. Gangsta shortening of "for"

2. The number following tree

3. Short for mofo, which in turn is short for motherfucker.
1. "Fo shizzle mah nizzle" is a phrase that has become WAY overused.

2. How come you paid tree fitty, I hada pay fo dollas.

3. He is a badass fo.
by someone18 September 11, 2006
fo = fuck off
fo or im going to stick my massive donkey sized bell in ur fuckin ear
also fu = fuck you as in im a fu in the ear I WILL FUCK U IN THE EAR
by marc May 09, 2003
1. Anything you perceive to be bad or negative
2. An ugly or unattractive person- adj, noun
3. an insult used in joking around with a friend
1. That banana was rotten, it tasted fo
2. "Wow man, how could u date her she's so fo!"-as an adj.
"That fo should walk around with a bag over her
head!"- as a noun
3. "Come on Jackie come out with us, don't be fo like
by Justin Helfman March 15, 2006
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