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another word for money moneycashfettibones
"Im tryinna get some foam in my pocket."
"I need some foam"
by AMYG April 01, 2007
beer, (from the foam that appears on the top of a freshly poured beer)
Foam is good for relaxing.
by The Return of Light Joker October 10, 2010
the substance made up of pre-cum found on the penis while masterbating, before reachin orgasm.
my cock has foam on it
by marqizzle January 18, 2004
The act of shitting ones pants.
Hurry up and pull over before I foam my panties.
by Eman November 20, 2003
This is a bastardization of the word form. It originated on the football field during marching band. It is now a term used by saxophone players fraternally to leave others out.
Ryan!! Get in the foam!!


Man, it's foamy today.
by pcbandnerd May 03, 2005
the sound of a quief.
i pounded the bitch so hard that her cooter said "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAM"
by hal bal May 08, 2003
a white boy - similar to the n-word.
"look at that foam working it in the dance floor" says Murray "Yeah, foam got some mad skillz! replies Jackson
by Worldlove October 09, 2014