Foam. Alternate term for shit, poop, Faeces Etc.
Commonly used to describe the act of taking a shit. More often using a turd for that which it is not commonly used for. I.E. Flushing.
My foam hole is a danger to weiners.
They forcefully clench their foam hole on purpose.
Quit hatin' and hop on this "Give me what I want train"
It's filled with foam.
by EmmEffx April 24, 2011
Top Definition
Fear Of Awkward Moments

For many people the fear of getting into awkward situations or conversations can be more crippling than anything else.

This is for anyone who know's the awkward pain of being stuck in a room with someone... and having nothing to talk about...
- The new kid wont talk to anyone, it seems like he has F.O.A.M.

- I can't believe my mom just did that, she's half the reason I have F.O.A.M.
by StlJews December 30, 2010
v. To enter a state of rage and/or anger due to frustration. Often used in online gaming situations where circumstances would cause the player(s) to feel the need to rage.
I just went 23-0 in the last map, I bet the other team is foaming.
by tdotmang January 06, 2011
Foam: a word used by world of warcraft users to show anger while doing things.
Darren: hey voldemort, you roamin?
Voldemort: no im fucking foamin right now shut up.
by Kaleon December 09, 2007
To talk rubbish/crap.

Possibly derived from an incident involving unnatural semen.
You're foaming.

What a lot of foam.
by Rea April 19, 2004
a white boy - similar to the n-word.
"look at that foam working it in the dance floor" says Murray "Yeah, foam got some mad skillz! replies Jackson
by Worldlove October 09, 2014
The new hip word for Marijuana.
Last night me, Leeroy and Tyrone got reel high off some good foam man.
by Waabbit September 26, 2013
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