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The rubric used to rate women. (Face, Legs, Ass, Rack) Each criteria is rated separately but is added all together in the end.
Each is worth 3pts. for a grand total of 12
Guy 1. Dude check out her! Shes a 10 on the F.L.A.R. scale.
Guy 2. Ya. Her face and ass is a three but her rack and legs are two.
by @@@###$$$%%% October 07, 2009
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flar rating rubric women
Funny Like A Racist Joke
Dave: Life is funny.

MsBuffy: FLARS!.
by MsBuffy August 08, 2011
6 2
art that looks good in a preview but is bad, cheesy, or clichéd in person
I just hate when a play has such a good description online and then turns out to be such flars
by #orphan1 July 01, 2013
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A shortened way to say "flying car".
I want a flar so bad, dude. It'd be ballsin' awesome.
by Spiffilicious March 30, 2008
1 2
An interjection expressing extreme fatigue and weariness, and suggesting that the source of the problem is still there.

Usage note** Flar is usually only used when problems are persisting and unrelenting..like 500 billion homework assignments from psycho PMS teachers.
"Flar.... i flunked yet another english quiz today...."
by Lauren April 15, 2004
2 6
1) A commonly used prefix appropriate for almost any word. Generally used for the purpose of lightening the mood.
Can extend to any "fl-" prefix.

i.e. computer -> flarputer, mathematics -> flarthematics, pizza -> flarzza, duh-> fluh, ponies -> flonies

2) Flying Car.
Definition 1 Usage:

Flark, I just got flired from my flob of flourteen years.
A flarng flarng flime ago, in a flarlaxy flar away.
In the flar away flarnd of Flarland, there is a flarmperor and his flueen. They rule over many flartons and flarvilles, watching over their fellow Flarians. They are a Flarppy flarciety, full of flopes and fleams.
Flar skeptic: "You mean to tell me that Flod created flarthematics, flarithmetic, flarmbers, flarculus, flarvolution, and flareationism? Even the flarniverse itself? Flarking no flarring way."

Flar zealot: "Fluhhhhh."
Woman: "WHAT You're sleeping with my sister!?!?"

Flarman: "Hey flaby, flaby flease. Flisten. It's not what you flink it is. I may be flarking your flister, but she's nowhere as flot as you. Flease just flarve me another flance! Flease!"

Woman: "Oh, okay."
Definition 2 Usage:

Flarian #1: "Dude check out my new flar!"

Flarian #2: "Flark you, my flarents would only fluy me a flarking flike."
by Flimple Flarmer July 23, 2011
4 11