The rubric used to rate women. (Face, Legs, Ass, Rack) Each criteria is rated separately but is added all together in the end.
Each is worth 3pts. for a grand total of 12
Guy 1. Dude check out her! Shes a 10 on the F.L.A.R. scale.
Guy 2. Ya. Her face and ass is a three but her rack and legs are two.
by @@@###$$$%%% October 07, 2009
Top Definition
1) A commonly used prefix appropriate for almost any word. Generally used for the purpose of lightening the mood.
Can extend to any "fl-" prefix.

i.e. computer -> flarputer, mathematics -> flarthematics, pizza -> flarzza, duh-> fluh, ponies -> flonies

2) Flying Car.
Definition 1 Usage:

Flark, I just got flired from my flob of flourteen years.
A flarng flarng flime ago, in a flarlaxy flar away.
In the flar away flarnd of Flarland, there is a flarmperor and his flueen. They rule over many flartons and flarvilles, watching over their fellow Flarians. They are a Flarppy flarciety, full of flopes and fleams.
Flar skeptic: "You mean to tell me that Flod created flarthematics, flarithmetic, flarmbers, flarculus, flarvolution, and flareationism? Even the flarniverse itself? Flarking no flarring way."

Flar zealot: "Fluhhhhh."
Woman: "WHAT You're sleeping with my sister!?!?"

Flarman: "Hey flaby, flaby flease. Flisten. It's not what you flink it is. I may be flarking your flister, but she's nowhere as flot as you. Flease just flarve me another flance! Flease!"

Woman: "Oh, okay."
Definition 2 Usage:

Flarian #1: "Dude check out my new flar!"

Flarian #2: "Flark you, my flarents would only fluy me a flarking flike."
by Flimple Flarmer July 23, 2011
Funny Like A Racist Joke
Dave: Life is funny.

MsBuffy: FLARS!.
by MsBuffy August 08, 2011
art that looks good in a preview but is bad, cheesy, or clichéd in person
I just hate when a play has such a good description online and then turns out to be such flars
by #orphan1 July 01, 2013
A shortened way to say "flying car".
I want a flar so bad, dude. It'd be ballsin' awesome.
by Spiffilicious March 30, 2008
An interjection expressing extreme fatigue and weariness, and suggesting that the source of the problem is still there.

Usage note** Flar is usually only used when problems are persisting and 500 billion homework assignments from psycho PMS teachers.
"Flar.... i flunked yet another english quiz today...."
by Lauren April 15, 2004
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