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First Date Anal.
A Person who has Anal sex on the first date.
That girl is F.D.A. Approved.
by B Helm May 03, 2006
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1. A girl who looks so good you want to fuck her.
2. Approval of Fuckin' Dat Ass.
"Man that chick looks so slick shes FDA Approved!"
by This Dude Over here January 17, 2004
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Commonly mistaken for a compliment (high quality, fuck dat ass, choice meat), FDA Approved ACTUALLY is in reference to a particular type of woman, and the state of mind a man is in to be interested in that woman.

Literally it means "First Date Anal". In layman's terms, the chubby, whorish drunk chick at the bar/party who you know if you just gave her the time of day you could totally stick it in her ass within the hour.
-Check out that slut, she's hitting on every dude here
-That bitch is definitely FDA APPROVED
-Man I'm wasted, I'm gonna proposition her to let me ass ram her in the bathroom
by Spacetits April 24, 2006
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It means it wont kill you... maybe?
Soon enough cyanide will be FDA Approved.
by Hitler fan 420 May 11, 2016
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