Fucking Awesome Weekend
-Dude, how was you weekend?

-I had a FAW :)
by dalle2027 March 03, 2013
fat ass Whale
the kind you have to ride da waves on in and then peel back the folds of your friend Sally Lite aka cellulite
what the fawk is going on....
by jack offonabitch May 06, 2003
Frontier Amateur Wrestling. The single best wrestling organization that St. Catharines has ever seen. With dirty old matresses and raging mullets, The Rose City (Welland) is sure to be jelous. Features the top names in wrestling today from Hardcore Warrior to Steve-O. This is a revolution for rednecks roaming about. Their first ever event, hosted on July 25th, 2008, was called "No Retreat". The plastic intercontinental title was up for grabs in an ironman match.
Redneck wrestling is FAW. I wrestle in the FAW.
by J-DAWG 08 July 30, 2008
fuck ass weird that is the definition
The only people that wear sweatpants are faws and fat girls.
by wallyworld August 24, 2005
Shows up in Buena High School (Ventura, CA) bathrooms. Usually written in ceramics glaze, requiring sanding to remove from the partitions.
"FAW" is a fuckwit
by yu suk November 15, 2003
Fat Arse Wilson
Being Fat and small and stuff
by Anonymous April 05, 2003
Bad at quake 3
w,a,s,d lol
by darkness April 05, 2003
Fucking Asshole Wisconsinite

Anyone who is from Wisconsin and is a fucking asshole. So pretty much anyone from Wisconsin. (In retaliation to the commonly used FIB to describe people from Illinois.)
That Packers fan is a FAW!
by person from Illinois April 17, 2007

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