Fucking Awesome Weekend
-Dude, how was you weekend?

-I had a FAW :)
by dalle2027 March 03, 2013
1: (verb) to commit the act of something remarkably awful and/or displeasing/repulsive
2: (adj) having the properties of douche-baggery and/or lacking the quality of social decency
"Don't faw! Finish that beer!"

"Don't be such a faw, you fucking Gargamel!"
by Jack Benson April 09, 2009
Abbreviation for Fucking Awesome!
"That shit is so FAW!"
"That bitch FAW!"
by Suzinator July 10, 2008
Fake ass wannabee
You know nothing about Flamboyance , FAW !
by Esa12 October 12, 2011
Freezing Attention Whore- Someone Who refuses to like someone because they aren't Var, but still begs for the attention, also this person won't put out.
Wow, is that girl staring at you from the student section... yeah she is.. dude she wants you. no E, shes a FAW.
by miley5 December 21, 2010
Verb, past tense, to have seen something on facebook.
'I faw that your sister's cat died."
by cgifool January 09, 2010
The eater or the major burnanator burger
munch munch
by darkness April 05, 2003
FAW (Friday After Work) - A time of drinking with friends and coworkers as soon as possible after work on Friday.

FAW is related to FAC, Friday After Class, but the attendees have a job.
Jill: FAW?
Dan: Of course! See you at the Corner Bar
by DanIsARockStar August 16, 2011

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