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Fucking Awesome Weekend
-Dude, how was you weekend?

-I had a FAW :)
by dalle2027 March 03, 2013
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Fat Angry Woman (a hefty woman who takes her anger out on the world)
F.A.W.'s plural of F.A.W.
That woman at the DMV screaming at me sure was a F.A.W.
by Leonard2 August 07, 2006
30 6
FUZZY AND WARM feeling when to people are in love.
Knowing how much you love me makes me feel so FAW.
by NLCS November 17, 2011
15 4
fat assed woman
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
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Fat Army Wife Syndrome

a chick that marries a G.I. and has a nice little body, but within a year, looks like Louie Anderson
Rey: You seen Daves wife? She got a case of FAWS real bad.

Quentin: Damn, maybe we shouldn't enlist.
by LMF April 15, 2005
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Fucking Annoying Woman/Women

Woman: You never do the dishes you never ever get the kids from school, nag, nag, nag, nag.
Man: For fucks sake! Why do you have be such a FAW all the time!
by Xployter October 14, 2008
11 9
F.A.W. is commonly stands for "Fuck Around With"

It can be used in various sentences and sometimes written as "FAW" , "Faw" , "faw" , "fAw" , "F.A.W." , "Faw." , "FAW."
Girl 1: "I can't believe she decided to go F.A.W. with her boyfriend instead of hanging out with us."

Girl 2: "I know right"
by UpsetAndHated July 30, 2012
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