Fake ass wannabee
You know nothing about Flamboyance , FAW !
by Esa12 October 12, 2011
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Fat Angry Woman (a hefty woman who takes her anger out on the world)
F.A.W.'s plural of F.A.W.
That woman at the DMV screaming at me sure was a F.A.W.
by Leonard2 August 07, 2006
FUZZY AND WARM feeling when to people are in love.
Knowing how much you love me makes me feel so FAW.
by NLCS November 17, 2011
fat assed woman
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
Fucking Annoying Woman/Women

Woman: You never do the dishes you never ever get the kids from school, nag, nag, nag, nag.
Man: For fucks sake! Why do you have be such a FAW all the time!
by Xployter October 14, 2008
Fat Army Wife Syndrome

a chick that marries a G.I. and has a nice little body, but within a year, looks like Louie Anderson
Rey: You seen Daves wife? She got a case of FAWS real bad.

Quentin: Damn, maybe we shouldn't enlist.
by LMF April 15, 2005
Fucking Awesome Weekend
-Dude, how was you weekend?

-I had a FAW :)
by dalle2027 March 03, 2013
F.A.W. is commonly stands for "Fuck Around With"

It can be used in various sentences and sometimes written as "FAW" , "Faw" , "faw" , "fAw" , "F.A.W." , "Faw." , "FAW."
Girl 1: "I can't believe she decided to go F.A.W. with her boyfriend instead of hanging out with us."

Girl 2: "I know right"
by UpsetAndHated July 30, 2012

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