fart as used in aqua team(teen i dont know) hunger force
frylock: shake what the ****?
shake: frylock u droped the f-bomb!
meatwad: im gunna start dropping f-bombs
meatwad: fart you!
by master_chief September 17, 2006
When a girl dumps you and says "we can still be friends". The ultimate destroyer of relationships.
My girlfriend dropped the f-bomb last night.
by Bill the Cat May 10, 2008
well i thought it was a fart.
me: *pffft*.
mom: what was that?
me: i f bombed my pants, mom. sorry.
by squealer September 19, 2005
Leaving a fart in the elevator just before exiting. That way the next person that gets into the elevator get's a surprise.
'Dude, I just dropped an F - bomb. Walk faster.'

'Sniff... damnit, I've been F - bombed.'
by fidget81 July 21, 2008
A hefty fart that would put the Manhatten project to shame. Normally brewed and devloped to enrich its delivery
Larry lent forward and decided to F - Bomb the bay, sending all his colleagues for cover from the noxious odour.
by THFC September 04, 2007
To format your hard-drive, thus dropping the F-Bomb 'nuking' all software on said drive.
Me: Its about time I dropped the F-bomb.
Friend: Why so soon?
Me: Because my computer is so fuct I have to nuke it.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003

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