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when one lays an incredible small amount of turd. They have 'split the flatule' and created an f-bomb.
whilst working out his special and general relativity theries, einstein conjured up the knowledge that could ruin the world.

he looked upon his toilet bowl, and realised he had laid an f-bomb.
by pretzel February 03, 2005
fart as used in aqua team(teen i dont know) hunger force
frylock: shake what the ****?
shake: frylock u droped the f-bomb!
meatwad: im gunna start dropping f-bombs
meatwad: fart you!
by master_chief September 17, 2006
well i thought it was a fart.
me: *pffft*.
mom: what was that?
me: i f bombed my pants, mom. sorry.
by squealer September 19, 2005
Leaving a fart in the elevator just before exiting. That way the next person that gets into the elevator get's a surprise.
'Dude, I just dropped an F - bomb. Walk faster.'

'Sniff... damnit, I've been F - bombed.'
by fidget81 July 21, 2008
A hefty fart that would put the Manhatten project to shame. Normally brewed and devloped to enrich its delivery
Larry lent forward and decided to F - Bomb the bay, sending all his colleagues for cover from the noxious odour.
by THFC September 04, 2007
To format your hard-drive, thus dropping the F-Bomb 'nuking' all software on said drive.
Me: Its about time I dropped the F-bomb.
Friend: Why so soon?
Me: Because my computer is so fuct I have to nuke it.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003