F Bomb is an explosive word that generates and releases its energy very rapidly. Also know as going all seng.
#1: Why the "F" are we working here?

#2: No you d'int just go all seng on me. Keep the F Bombs to yourself.
by kitten69 November 29, 2007
The new f-bomb is for the internet. It's the believe that the words 'fag' or 'faggot' are just as bad as the word 'fuck' because the majority of the users on the internet are pro-gay rights or somewhat non-straight themselves.
Dude, Jerry just got banned for using the f-bomb.

What?? The mods use it all the time!

No, the new f bomb.
by Arnold Swetz H, August 06, 2008
Politically correct way to take the thunder out of the word fuck. Only pussies and rich kids say "f bomb."
Brad: I am a too much of a pussy to say "fuck."
Lance: Whoa, dude. Dude, you dropped an f bomb!
by Justin Force July 20, 2004
The F BOMB is another term used to describe a fart. F BOMB a shortened version of Fart BOMB and it is used as a slang definition.
Oh, gross! Lea-anna dropped the F BOMB last week and she didn't say anything!
by Bec ♥ July 23, 2008
A ultra high performance Camaro or Firebird as they are both recognized in the automotive performance world as F-Body cars.
Man, that 7.60 e.t. that Camaro ran makes it the ultimate f bomb.
by J. Pitt February 08, 2007
when one lays an incredible small amount of turd. They have 'split the flatule' and created an f-bomb.
whilst working out his special and general relativity theries, einstein conjured up the knowledge that could ruin the world.

he looked upon his toilet bowl, and realised he had laid an f-bomb.
by pretzel February 03, 2005
fart as used in aqua team(teen i dont know) hunger force
frylock: shake what the ****?
shake: frylock u droped the f-bomb!
meatwad: im gunna start dropping f-bombs
meatwad: fart you!
by master_chief September 17, 2006
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