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Use of the word "fuck."
--Fuck doing work.
--Did you just drop the f - bomb?
by jk44 November 16, 2009
Used in the media as an acceptable way of saying someone has said the word fuck.
Ted Kopple: "The world is outraged that during the Grammy's this trashmouthed rapper has dropped the fbomb.
by Dank January 28, 2005
1. a euphenism for the word "fuck". (also known as "effinheimer")
2. (romantic) a euphenism for the word "friend" when used in being dumped.
1. DC was droppin f-bombs all over, yo
2. Her: "I think we should just be friends Jim."
Him: "why you droppin the f-bomb on me BITCH!
by the DAWG May 02, 2004
An important tool in any man's cleaning repertiore, the Febreeze bomb neutralizes almost any odor. Generally refers to broad and/or heavy applications of Febreeze.
Jeffry's parents were pleased with how quickly he dropped the F bomb after tracking dog crap into the house.
by aoeuser December 09, 2009
An F-Bomb is when the word "Fuck" is dropped by mistake or used in an inappropriate place. Otherwise it's just the word "Fuck". Casual or general use of the of word "Fuck" an is not an "F Bomb".

A movie that uses the word "fuck" repeatedly is not "dropping f-bombs".
David - "...and now Bob with the weather."
Bob - "The weather today is going to be... fuck, who's running the teleprompter? Are we live?"
David - "We'll get back to the weather shortly and we apologize for the f-bomb Bob just dropped."
by Jake777 July 25, 2011
The "F" relates to the cup size, the "Bombs" refers to what fills the cup size. If you are friends with F Bombs then you are damn lucky. Nothing but good times can be expected when hanging out with F Bombs. If you're aiming for the Trifecta Wow Effect, simply add "Double D" and "EZ-E" to the mix.
EZ-E: "Where's F Bombs?"

Double D: "Dude the last time I saw F Bombs she was getting free shots from the bartender"

EZ-E: "She better have enough for all of us"

Double D: "It's F Bombs, you know she will"

EZ-E: "True..."
by boomboompau January 28, 2011
George: Mike got in an argument with the preacher at church.

Joe: How intense?

George: Father Ron dropped the F Bomb
by Tha_Mutha_Fuckin_Cherry_Popper August 10, 2013