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1:a f*cking retard
2:a retarded f*cker
3:needs help
This guy is such a f*cktard
by Jason Lam November 01, 2004
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Fucktard : a mix of fucking and retard.

What a fucktard = What a fucking retard
GehtFuct is a fucktard.
by Rage! July 22, 2005
A person of questionable sexual orientation that hangs by it's thumbs in a mingotree spewing vomit and acid upon anyone that passes close by.
Watch out where you walk in this park, there be a F*cktard in every mingotree and they will spew on you!
by yellowpi January 09, 2006
A person whom another regards with complete contempt and disrespect, and who is only permitted in the other's presence for the purpose of being sexually exploited.
"She woke me up again with her whining blandishments, what I'd give to sh*tcan this f*cktard."
by MJPowers April 07, 2007
Someone, typically female, who is hot but braindead, and good only for f*cking. A retard you want to f*ck and then never have to talk to again.
Those girls are such a bunch of f*cktards. We should go to their party.
by Repoman21 December 02, 2005
someone who is too stupid to fuck
bob is such a f*cktard.
by Jeremiah Parks October 13, 2005

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