It's a censored way to say "fuck." Used in chatrooms where spelling out "f-u-c-k" is banned.

However, if you write it like this when you are allowed to say "fuck," you're just being a faggot. C'mon, you're 1 LETTER SHORT. Might as well just spell it the way it is.
Guy 1: k, u no wat, f*ck this

Guy 2: ... *cough, cough, FAG, cough, cough*

Guy 1: dude, this chatroom wont let me spell it out

Guy 2: o... kk nvm then
by EBiLwookie February 23, 2008
Top Definition
Cenoring of the word "fuck", most often seen in chat rooms or AIM/Yahoo Messenger chat boxes.
Typing "f*ck" in a conversation is a blatant act of stupidity. If you're going to say a word, just say it. For example, I don't like to swear, so instead of censoring my language using f*ck and sh*t, I just don't swear at all.
by Rodney Basil May 14, 2004
It means fuck, used in chatboxes where "fuck" is censored.
<|\/|@$+@>Fuck you d00d
Chanserv: OMG ur banz0rd
by Navigon June 27, 2003
the word that people use in chat when their speech is getting blocked.
OMFG. This damn text blocker is so annoying i just want to kick the f*ck out of it.
by urmom675467548 April 21, 2010

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