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The wonderful town of Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Hey man want to go down to F'burg for some icecream at Carl's?
by Orion Winterheart October 20, 2007
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Home to chick-fil-a "special sauce", and 2 super wal-marts. where all the military people live that work in either Daulgren or Quantico b/c its close to both and anything north of it is to expensive to live in. Home to two of the " 2002 sniper shootings". o, and snow, Lemme put it this way, last year we had a chance of snow and got out of school.
F-burg, A slang, or conjuctionated word made up by the inhabitants of Fredericksburg, VA so they didnt have to write out the whole word on letterheads anymore.
by molnicmit October 01, 2005
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