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A lazy ass friend smelling up your house who hasnt showered in a week and has had this comment brought on them in many cases resulting from them drinking themselves sick and releasing rancid flatulance.
My friend Vince only lifted his head to laugh after releasing a nasty fart.

I halted in my reading of urban definitions to call him an F Bag.
by Mark January 03, 2007
Fart in face while getting tbagged
I hate getting fbagged
by Ggettv May 27, 2012
A facebook douchebag. A person who reveals that they are a douchebag through actions on facebook.
Karen Is struggling to pay for her husbands funeral

Tim Oh you're single now? Whats up sexy, what you doin tonight?

Mike Tim, you are an FBag.
by DBManeuvers July 21, 2010