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The Lead Singer of the band Vampire Weekend.
He is very attractive and i love his voice.
Personally, i think he's brilliant.
Oh, don't label that band. You just can't.
no one can agree.
Ezra Koenig is an amzingly stunning MAN
by Melodyintheuk March 28, 2008
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Pronounced Ezra Kay-nig-- Lead singer of Vampire Weekend, formerly in rap group L'homme Run. Ezra Koenig is the God of all sex gods. Legend has said that if you pray to Ezra you will be blessed with good fortune.
Person 1: Did you hear Paramore won the AMA for best alt band?

Person 2:Dude, fuck that. Ezra Koenig's voice can beat the shit out of Hayley Williams any day.
by Lover of Ezra December 07, 2010
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