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When London had lot's of undesirable types to get rid of back in the fifties and sixties, they thought the best thing to do was build a load of houses designed by two people who hated each other, made to last twenty years, up the A1 a bit in a place where you could fit the existing gene pool on a postage stamp and call it Eynesbury. They succeded in injecting some new racist, bigotted blood into families that had never travelled more than half a mile or married outside of their own little corner of Cambridgeshire. God forbid you tell any Eynesbury resident they live in St Neots(the town that Eynesbury is officially a suberb of) they'd knock your teeth out, although at least then you'd be a step nearer looking like a local. It is a unique mix of inbreeding and small mindedness that beggars belief, even the local pikeys stay in nowadays afraid at what they could become!
Long live mis-spelt tattoos, benefit fraud, giros and pubs that open all day, I'm off to produce some horrible kids, get me a bigger council drum in Eynesbury!
by ILoveEynesbury October 25, 2011
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