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Putting a bottle of alcohol to your Eye so the drink goes into your blood faster.
Jord: Eyeball paul it man this tastes disgusting
Drunkard: Hahahah what? no wait, yeah ok. Ahh man it's all over me.
Jord: Sigh...
by Jord- Blackburn February 28, 2008
when u put alcohol in 2 ur eye As seen and became famous by the British film Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000)
Boy A 1 2 3 Eyeball Paul it now
Boy b Yeah
Boy A aaaaaaa
Boy B aaaaaaa it fuckin hurt's like hell
by Princess Dianna February 12, 2009
where you drink vodka through your eye really popular with the cornish ( cornwall england )
im gonna go home mate na stay man we gonna to eyeballpaul
by brmmie in cornwall January 08, 2009

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