kind of like a nightstick. its a handle that extends a heavy metal bar with the flick of your wrist.
i cracked this mans skull open when i hit him with my extendo
by a man with an extendo September 26, 2005
Top Definition
An intermediate-force weapon for law enforcement and security professionals, used to gain control over assaultive subjects. The baton is a cylindrical shaft that contains telescoping metal pieces that lock into each other when expanded. When swung, the extended baton can deal massive damage due to the kinetic energy emitted from its solid metal tip upon striking a surface. Most strikes are done on large muscle areas of the subject in order to avoid permanent injury. Expandable batons come in various sizes, including 16, 21, 26, and 31 inch when extended. Synonyms: telescope baton, extendable baton
Those fools tried to rush me until I pulled out my extendo and put them to a dirt nap
by dontworry February 13, 2006
2 blunts stuck together packed with weed,a double lengthed blunt

I rolled up a fat extendo last nite
by Mike Schill April 22, 2003
an extended blunt full of weed made by adding blunt wraps on and adding more weed
extendo long as an extention cord
by tooblunt April 01, 2015
1.A firearm

2.Extended Magizine/Clip for a firearm
I hit that bitch 2 blocks away with my Extendo.

I won the shootout because my gun had an Extendo.
via giphy
by Parole Officer November 04, 2015
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