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Deriving from the ironically absurd word Existentialism - Existsexualism Is the overwhelming feeling one may suddenly have After having relations with your loved one.After having sex , you realize that you may spend the rest of your life with her/him and all of a sudden a feeling of hopeless meaningless comes over you ( no metaphor or pun was intended ) . So Exist- Sexualism happens , after sex , and all of sudden you have an ominous realization that this is as good as it gets - and then a wave of pointless meaningless darkens your thoughts .
John had studied philosophy in college , though he had partied a lot and that included drinking doing drugs and having random sex . Now that he was well dug in had a great job and was in love with the girl of his dreams ; Something bothered him . After spending the night with his girlfriend he had an awful feeling . Something he would call existential . He spoke to a friend , and was encouraged to hear that he was not the only one that had felt this . Infact his friend Neil had a word for it , he called it Existsexualism . Which summed up the feeling of emptiness and meaningless he got sometimes after having sex. Everytime he tried to say Existsexualism however , he couldn't . And this ironically took his mind off the enormous rock he felt in his gut . Neil had also mentioned that this is why God exists , But john hadn't heard him .
by SW10 June 04, 2014
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