When you are so tired or your body is so sore that you can't even take a crap.
"I was so exhaustipated last night after work that I just sat on the toilet for 10 minutes hoping something would fall out."

"So did end up really backed up this morning?"
by Theodosia June 29, 2014
It is when a person is just too tired to give a shit
Dude: Bro, you should really finish your lab report for tomorrow, it counts for a large amount of your final grade
Bro: I can't do it dude, I'm exhaustipated. fuck dat shiiiiiiiitttt
by Mostorboating February 26, 2014
The problem of being so tired that you cannot fall asleep.
Dude, I got like 2 hours of sleep last night, hopefully when I get out of work I wont be too exhaustipated to go to bed.
by DAVnCHAINS December 27, 2013
Noun, When someone or somebody is too tired to give a shit.
*After a long night of heavy drinking*
Jimmy: "Dude, James, Your car is gone! Somebody must've stolen it while we were in the bar!"
James: "I'll call Allstate in the morning - I'm far too exhaustipated."
by MondayGaming November 22, 2012
To be so tired, you need to create a new word to describe it! (note, exhaustipated has nothing to do with constipation)
Also used as "Exhaustipation"
I am so exhaustipated!
by ArryG June 14, 2009
this is what happens when ur exhausted from getting constipated cause ur trying so hard to push ur poo out but it wont come out.
by guy who poos a lot April 22, 2010
being too tired to poop
I am exhaustipated. I need some sleep.
by HeatherLC71 April 15, 2008

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