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A common disease for those at risk only affecting people that rise to the title of VP or higher. When caught, the infected executive believes all projects take 3 days, take 1 person to complete, have zero risk, and no chance of being affected by the plights of the real world such as product defects. When the infected is faced with an objection that has any semblance of reality in it, it is quickly rebutted with a continued barrage of arguments that have little logical foundation. If objections continue, swearing and threats of unemployment will quickly follow. A common side effect of this is a belief that outsourcing will solve all product delivery problems.
I spent 2 hours trying to explain to our CEO that we cannot complete version 2.5 in 3 weeks with 2 days of QA, no documentation and and no upgrade. He kept arguing that every task was simple and his retarded cousin could do a better job. When i tried to explain to him our historic project delivery realities, he started waving his hands, swearing, and threatening to fire everyone. He clearly has a severe case of Executive Disease
by ministry911 June 04, 2009
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