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A complete fuckin genius with the biggest cock in the world. A man who makes the ladies week at the knees. Everyone wants to be him.
Woman: Oh Ewan your so fuckin great pound my mound with your huge cock.
Ewan: Shut up bitch! I'm gonna slam your back door out, whip it out and give you a creamy beaver, then stick it in your mouth so you can clean off your own shit!!
Woman: Oh good tanks!!!
by FMFlex April 13, 2005
A sick cunt, in ways related to a doloto. Good looking guy, likes to make out with men.
"You are such a ewan, dude"
by BAH! February 07, 2005
Little boy with a tiny penis who also likes to dress up as a sailor.....
Your mum likes to jerk off Ewan !
by Jimmy Cricket February 05, 2004
Lanky fucker wae fucked up hair but brags about his small man hood
ewan the man with the small cock
by martin January 14, 2005
A very cool guy who goes under the alias of Super Saiyan Goku.
Ewan is very cool and goes under the alias Super Saiyan Goku.
by Some Guy From Neoseeker September 23, 2004
An extremely "small" biatch who gets laid more times than we could even imagine...think about it!
I totally ewaned tonight!
by Brown beauty March 09, 2003
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