A Scottish actor who is known for picking acting roles beyond the "Hollywood" norm. Quite like Johnny Depp, Shia LeBeouf, Kevin Bacon, etc.

Unknown to some people, has been in many movies prior to Star Wars and Moulin Rouge. See Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, Shallow Grave, Lipstick on Your Collar, The Pillow Book, etc.

His penis plays a starring role in more of his movies than you know.
Women only like Ewan McGregor because he was "hot" in Moulin Rouge. Had you known that he was singing in Velvet Goldmine, you would already had been aware of such wonderfulness.
by acidbathory January 08, 2009
(pronounced "You-an")

The greatest man ever!!!!!!! To summarize in short and simple terms...

1. He's THE SEXIEST Man to have ever walked the Earth!!2. He's Scottish!! 3. The most talented actor on the face of this Earth!!! He always does the most excellent performance that always blows me away in all of his movies! He's amazingly captivating! 4. Loves to get naked in films!!! And his you know what looks tasty as hell! It's a Large feature, if you know what I mean...5. Has the best sense of humor I have ever seen (or heard)!!! He's goddamn hilarious! 6. He has the most incredible voice (both speaking and singing)! His singing voice moves me more than Paul McCartney's! And well, his speaking voice-- soooo charming, cute, unique, and sexy!! And that Scottish accent of his! *melts* 7. He's wonderful at doing all kinds of accents perfectly!! 8. He loves doing theater! In this way, people get to see him do his thing live! 9. Ewan's an adventurer with great survival training who loves traveling around the world on his motorcycle! 10. He was born into a regular, not well-off, family in Scotland on March 31st, 1971. He's a true hero because he managed to get up to where he is now purely on his own!11. He is a very kind soul. 12. He has the cutest and most charming smile and laugh of any man!! 13. All hair colors suit Ewan!! 14. His great fashion sense is never off! 15. His beautiful eyes are blue/green/grey.
girl #1: "It goddamn sucks that Ewan McGregor is married. He's off the market..."

girl #2: "I don't think so! His wife doesn't have to know when I sleep with him!!"

It is very easy to fall in love with Ewan McGregor! The attraction is absolute! He is divine!
by loveforEwan November 22, 2009
A euphamism for the kind of actor who can only play themselves, and who is total shite when they try to actually play a character.

Based on the undoubted ability of Ewan to play a Scottish smackhead and nothing else.
"Yessh, I'm Sean Connery, er I mean Captain Marko Ramiush, Rushian Shubmarine Commanderr!"

Me: "Fuck me, Connery is a total Ewan McGregor!"
Christian Slater: "Yeah, so am I..."

by Benyboy1972 June 17, 2007
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