An internet played game that has inappropriate advertisements that makes you wonder if you want to play or not.
John: Hey did you play Evony yet?
Henry: No John, that is a dumb ass game
John: You haven't tried it yet and the women looks hot
Henry: Are you dumb-shit? Use your brains! Game = Fail
John: I am not
by Surfinnn February 07, 2010
annoying ads scattered all over the internet trying to seduce kids into playing some shitty online game. Their ads usually include a poor drawn woman figure asking you to play.
Evony ad: "PLAY NOW MY LORD"

kid: yes my majesty fap fap
by 12321321323 August 20, 2009
One Sexy Beast,

Evony's are sweet, Head Strong, and all around sexy!

Everyone is jealous of Evony's because of there Brain and beauty.

They have A nice ass, great Smile, Wonderful laugh, Kiss that will make your head spin around, A body that could melt the sun, Personality of your dream girl, and a love that is so strong you will never want to break it.

They normally come off "weird" Or odd But The honest Truth is there just not like you.

They can be rude and mean to people they don't like and Can win a fight any day.
Did you see Evony's butt in those shorts ?

Evony is so weird stay away from her.
by Shambalatomatocow;) January 07, 2013
The best game ever made
I joined a game called Evony dude and its so much fun!!!
by SmokeyT July 01, 2011
I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about a web-based browser game you absolutely must try! First of all "Evony" is an "MMORTS" (Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy) game that incorporates a pleasantly balanced mix of diplomacy, economics, and warfare in an intuitive and easy to follow, quest guided interface.

Once you've chosen your name, which will be preceded by "Lady or Lord" (obviously depending upon gender), and created your account, you will now have opened up a multitude of options for yourself within the realms of Evony. You can now choose among many different states in which your empire may reign supreme, and customize your avatar as well as your newly built city. Join up online with friends in your neighborhood and from around the world in alliances founded by you or others.

Arguably one of the best aspects of Evony is that it is simple to learn yet challenging to master which will lead you into diplomatic rivalries and epic battles of immense proportions. Start off as a small town and build your empire from scratch, upgrade your buildings, fortifications, and defenses but be careful not to break the bank, after all you do have your citizens to care for.

Amass your armies from vigilant warriors to speeding cavalry, cunning swordsmen to powerful siege weapons, you must implement economic management and military prowess, all while trying to stay "politically correct" with your allies and enemies that riddle the battlefield to truly become lord of your domain.Obtain powerful and potent items to aid you in your ventures or to give your troops the edge they need in battle. Appoint wise and powerful hero's to lead your legions into battle and help oversee the production of resources as mayor's of your towns.

The level of customization, wealth of content, quality of game play, and clever interface, are unsurpassed by any other free web-based browser game to date, and certainly rivals some video games of late. You get all of this without even having to download a single bit of software, and, are you ready for this? It is absolutely free to play, yes you heard that right, you can play forever and never pay a single dime. I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen, I am no pushover when it comes to video games so take it from me, google Evony, sign-up today and tell them Inveterate sent you.


Lord Name: Inveterate
Server #: 61
Date: Saturday, September 19th, 2009
Time: 12:57 PM
I was playing Evony with my friends today and our alliance GDI engaged in combat with a previously friendly alliance, which was instigated by their newly appointed rogue vice host.
by Inveterate September 19, 2009
An awesome game that blows away all compitition. It has better graphics than travian and so many more options.
guy A: Evony rocks huh?
guy B: that is an understatement!!!
by evonyplayer June 02, 2009

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