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Ever Through Ashes ETA was created in the summer of 2004 striving for one purpose - to write and create invigorating yet original sounds of rock and metal. Based out of Orange County, the band has been building an army of fans and converting the masses by bridging sonic guitar assaults and rhythms akin to those of Avenged Sevenfold and A.F.I., while bands like Bad Religion and The Offspring set their frenetic pace. Aside from the heaviness and rapid beats, the musicians behind Ever Through Ashes prove to be exceedingly talented as heard in their technical riffs and drumbeats.

Albums: Lusus Naturae

Band Members: Johnny Bisaha - Vocals
Chris Gommez - Lead Guitar
Paul Hessing - Guitar
Dean Pierce - Bass
Joseph Barrero - Drums
Ever Through Ashes is one kick ass band!! And I really love them!
by Jennifer Lubin October 02, 2006
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