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In its simplest definition Eve is a substitue for Evil, but of course nothing in life is simple. Eve is an extremely versatile word which can be used in a multitude of situations as a verb or an adjective. It is often used to describe something as being good or awsome, but as a verb it generally means to be mischevious or mildly evil. Often Eve is used in conjuction with hideously or heinously. Eve can alot be used in conjoining words, such as hidevious, or Evecheese
You are fucking eve
I am hideviously hiding
That tuna sandwich is eve
by EveCheese April 05, 2006
A deceitful woman. Can be used as a noun, verb, adjective or an adverb.
Don't try to Eve me, you lying bitch.
by Pinky in LB September 28, 2007
that stupid prick ate the forbiddin fruit and got what she deserved
eve ate what she was told not to and now woman suffer
by adam kingg August 18, 2008
1. The bitch who made the lives of all humans miserable by eating the goddamn apple.

2. The brand name of a special soap that women use to keep their vaginas fresh.
by Anonymous February 13, 2003
Very big, fat, beaner monster, known to eat everything in site
the only thing known to stop the bitch, is the power rangers
except the pink ranger was eaten (R.I.P Pink Ranger)
eve is also very ugly, and when you come in contact with the bitch, run, run like hell
Holy shit, i saw Eve the big fat beaner monster the other day and my eyes started to bleed.
by Fucking Pro May 03, 2008
Eve's are typically very rude. They treat people like shit, and they only care for themselves. They are not beautiful and have no meaning in life.
Girl: eve is so mean
Girl 2: I know right!
by Hah.hah.hahahahaha October 12, 2014