The word Eve is used to describe the drug 3,4-methylenedioxyethamphetamine (MDE). It is a close relative of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine or "Adam"). These two compounds are common in ecstasy pills and it is quite common that an ecstasy pill may be cut with both of these chemicals.
Both chemicals have very similar effects, however Eve provides a greater "loved up" feeling and a larger sense of "connectiveness" between people; Hence the nickname "The Love Drug".
"These pills are Eve, not Adam"
by Krauty August 02, 2005
an Eve is when a severly intoxicated individual embarreses themselves so much that other people also feel their same. it also refers to a person who suffers from severe loneliness and depiration and is often repsonsible for raping people named connor dywer.
That girl was so drunk last nite she pulled an eve, the guy called the guards on her and she was arrested.
by c. naughton June 21, 2011
A female co worker that is conniving, malicious, back-stabbing, nasty, ignorant and self absorbed. Everything is about her and she manipulates all situations for her benefit and her glory.
No matter what project I do all the work on, Eve gets all of the credit.
by Janet Woods August 08, 2012
Any one seen Eve?
by loAch May 12, 2003
Eve's are typically very rude. They treat people like shit, and they only care for themselves. They are not beautiful and have no meaning in life.
Girl: eve is so mean
Girl 2: I know right!
by Hah.hah.hahahahaha October 12, 2014
One of the most skankiest girls alive she is a total whore who deserves to die in a hole she is a horrible person who you should never become friends with she will cause trouble and by that i mean your sex life BEWARE! if you run into an eve don't talk to her unless your being rude to her she is a bitch a twaty as hoe so stay a way from that walking condom.
girl 1: you see that new girl?
girl 2: ya why?
girl 1: shes such an eve!
girl 2: THAT WHORE
by fgchb;lm February 08, 2014
Eve is the name you give to someone insanly awesome ! And is also a pigs Vagina
Joe : who's that over there being insanly awesome
Theo : That is Eve

Joe : What you doing tonight
Theo : Eating toothpaste out of an Eve
by Eveisawesome February 05, 2009

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