An MMO (Massivly Multiplayer Online Game)based in the galaxy of Eve. The player takes the role of a member of one of 4 races; Amarr, Caldari, Mimmatar or Gallante and begins their journey through deep space.
Known as a very player driven and open ended game it differs greatly from other MMO's in that every player worldwide (except asians) all play together on one server which consists of many nodes. This means that the community is much larger and more tightly knit than other games.
It has been critisised as being too PvP orientated and not very noob friendly however the developers CCP have not appologised for this and have said that the game was designed such that skillful players who work together will be able to get the furtherest ahead.
eve_n00b: OMG, I just bought a faction battleship with the ISK I bought on ebay and someone with a Cruiser that cost 1/50th of the price just ownZ0red me???!!!??? WTF???!?!!?!?!!?
winner: You are a waste of life. Go do what your mother should have done a long time ago and give yourself an abortion.
by Warrio November 25, 2006
Eve was the first woman and chose enlightenment over free food and sex and is now hated for it. Eve is very similar to Buddha and Pandora in her choice, though we all love Buddha
God asked "do you want knowledge?" and Eve was like "Yeah!" so God said "ok, here's an apple that'll teach you all you want to know." So Eve eats it, becomes a genius, shares it with her husband (which was a pretty nice thing to do) and then looks around and says "there are better things than this garden. Let's go."
by three guesses June 21, 2005
A Eve; The most amazing girl you will ever meet, She will pick you up when you are down even in the hardest moments. Eve is probably the best person to go to for advise of any kind , Eve is the smartest persom you will know she is a very intelegent girl. When she tells you she loves you she means it, she will be the funniest person you will know. Omg shes just perfect in anyway shes smart, pretty, talented, the best , i could go on for hours , shes the bestest friend shes a very special person in your life. Shes the first person you think about when you make plans. Shes the first person you go to when you need someone to talk to. You will call her up just to talk about nothing, or the most important things in your life. When you’re sad she will try their hardest to cheer you up. She give the best hugs in the world! Eve is the shoulder to cry on, because you know that she truly cares about you. In most cases eve would take a bullet for you,cuz she just is the best person in the whole entire world , how could you not love eve , if you are an eves bes friend your pretty special also eve is very weird haha
Eve is the perfect best friend
by crickettttttttt November 24, 2013
You know the chick. The ass of a goddess (you've never even seen such perfection before) lays on her backside
1: ay, you seen eve lately?

2: no, but i saw her ass
by thatchick123 December 19, 2010

shes the coolest person EVER. you should love her, and always be nice because shes just so mint.

shes well fit, lucky if you can get with her. oh and! emer is also mint, emers are well pretty and cool. If you dont worship emer and eves you will go to hell.

done by an Eve.
emer: " when people laugh and we at the same time haha!"
eve: " haha and say, 'THE FLOOD IS HERE.." *opens legs*
by Efie July 06, 2011
A casual, yet formal way of expressing a welcome, eve can also be used as a replacement for a word. Other uses include a sign of recognition, achievement, gratitude, some cases of suprision and also as a neutralisation. The meaning of "eve" is determined by the tone in which its pronounced. This is can be explained by a simple "eve" being a greeting, with more enthusiasm and louder it simply turns into a sign of recognition "EEVE". The uses of "eve" are almost endless.
Dom: Eve

Tom: Eve
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rash: Heldem looked at me today

Verrall: EEVE
(Recognition of an achievement)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dom: How's Savage?

Welch: EVE OFF!
(Replacement of a word in agression)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dom: go fu*k yourself skyqueen i hope you get into a flitching war between Blair and Brown you Labour supporting arse.

Sharma: eve.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
*ball nearly twats you in the face*

"eveing heck!"
by Con King February 02, 2010
A very nice girl who has a really good sense of humor and loves to have fun. She is also quiet, kind and really caring. She would always try to make everything better even if nothing is going right for her. She is not really open with anybody and trys to keep everything hidden and thats why she always trys to keep a smile. She is very pretty usually denies it. She can be shy sometimes, especially around someone she likes but can also be really loud to. She has a habit of taking on more than she can handle but end up pulling through .
Girl: hey Eve what's up
Eve: oh I have a art project due Thursday, going swimming later, I have to train the dog, and I have to study for my book report due Tuesday and have to pick up my cousin at the rink at 7:00, you?
Girl: uhh....
by Oscar234A April 30, 2016
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