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A very sheepish Youtuber. A lot of people know him because of the famous sheep joke Generation Hollow made about Welsh people. Ever since that day Evanz111's symbol has been a sheep, or his mine craft shin (A guy with a blue hoodie). He is in the crew (RageGamingVideos chose that name) with Generation Hollow, Captain Fluke, Tyde, Gubiak, Peace and RageGamingVideos. Evanz111's real name is William Evans. He, I would say, is the most serious one, well for trying to make his videos. He knows his shit. He has very baaautiful hair. His uploads consist of Dota 2, A minute to win it (He has one minute to win the audience in a minute)! His Let's Play Ni No Kuni was beautifully done, more than 60 episodes. He also has many other videos that you can check out <3
"Hello everybody and this is Evanz111 here today" - Usually what he says in the beginning of the video
by Sydney Wick (CheeseheadSyd) October 02, 2013
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