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A person with a great smile, so bright that it'll light up this whole world. A person that has such a kind heart and an amazing amount of kindness. Someone that you can depend on to talk about your problems. And also, Evangelyne motivates me to do better because the thought of her makes me do so much better in everything and anything. She's perfect in every way, and is an angel inside out. She's more than enough and she's limited edition. If you ever meet this person that i'm talking about, you're blessed. To me, theres nothing more important than keeping her smile going. When that smile fades, i'll do anything to keep that smile going. And if there's like an earthquake or something, she'll be that first person i'll call to make sure if she's okay. She's my first and only priority. She's the reason i'm making this and she's the reason that i'm here right now.
Evangelyne makes me lost for words.
by Big Doge August 14, 2014
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