A duo music project from New York City with sensuous guitar and erotic lyrics, featuring Al Street of the Sugarman Three on guitar and Bliss Blood of the Pain Teens on ukulele and vocals. Bliss also writes the lyrics.
"When the doors are flung open in the heat of the vice,
then smiling, so willing, I swallow the dice." -- Evanescent
#sex #fleeting #orgasm #sensuality #erotic
by Evanescent December 18, 2010
Top Definition
A form of evanescence(also the name of a kick ass band), evanescent means to have a tendancy to dissapear or vanish like vapor.
Life is evanescent....
#evanescence #dissapear #transient #vanish #evanescing
by angetombenoir April 28, 2006
to dissipate or disappear like vapor
Luke Bracey's Fantasy Football lead is so Evanescent #bottler #blownit
#luke #bracey #bottler #blew #it
by Athletico Mabbo April 22, 2013
beginning to become slippery; man boobular.
"First, the gropemeter went off a few times; then their relationship started to turn evanescent."

"Did you enjoy the movie?"
"It looked good, but after the lights went down, things got evanescent."
by yeah, a no-go October 18, 2004
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