A half black man with a large orange fro.
"Dude I like your fro!"
"Yea, I asked the hairdresser to give me an Evander."
by GameCube August 31, 2008
Top Definition
A very rare and uncommon name throughout the world, very few have this name. evander is a someone to be very romantic and good at pleasing women.
Evander: fewer than 10 people in the world have this name
by Alamansr. August 28, 2008
He's one fucken manwhore.
If you see him, dont bother talking to him.

Its just a waste of time.
Girl number 1: Heey..
Evander : Heey sexyyy! ;)
Girl number 1: Dude, im taken.
Evander: Me too! but im still flirting.

Girl number 2 (girlfriend) : hey :)
Evander: OHh hey ! :)
Girl number 2: I heard you were flirting..
Evander: HOw did u know that?
Girl number 2: My friend told me..
Evander: Bitch! u caught me. I cant help it, she's a fucken babe ;)
Girl number 2 : MANWHORE!
by Hollister11 March 30, 2011
Evanders are conceited. Always think of themselves. They may seem cool, funny sweet and awesome. But thats just a cover. Never date an evander. Theyll treat you badly and only think of themselves.
Me: "he was so sweet and nice. Then we started dating and BAM hes mean"
friend: "ugh. What an EVANDER!"
by Brityn December 09, 2011
A big cocksucking son of bitch! He likes touching men when hes in a relationship with girls. Hes a fatass and likes fighting but gets his ass whoped all the time! HAHA so LADIES remeber dont go out with evanders they are manwhores! ADVICE: GO OUT WITH DAVIDS OR JUANS THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl: Hey
evander: hey u hungry?
girl: no
evander: well i am lets go to mcdonalds
girl: no
evander: well then lets check out men!
by BoSeR April 29, 2012

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