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A Celebrity Who Is One That Is Beyond The Hotness of The Sun. Has Been in Many Films and Many Photo shoots, only to appear in Sexy outfits, such as Lingerie.

To Be Used as A Compliment.
One of The Best Compliments in the World To Compare How Hot Someone Is.
If That Person is Not Hot, They are The Opposite of Eva Mendes.
"Hey... Um I Think You're Hot..." Boy Smiles as he spoke to His Crush.
"Really? How Hot?" Girl gets curious.
"Like Eva Mendes HOT!!!!"

"Awww <3"

Next Day They Go Out.

Boy looks at A Girl.
"You're the Opposite of Eva Mendes. Someone who's the Opposite of Eva Mendes shouldn't live...."
Girl Kills Herself.
by Westmoreland November 26, 2010
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