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A wimpy european backhand pass (hockey), used mainly by European players (eg. Andrei Kostitsyn, Montreal Canadians).
"Kostitsyn's euro pass was stolen at the blue line and converted for a goal by the opposition.
by Matt Vita, Lorne Clements January 08, 2008
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An aggressive passing maneuver.


To pass in an an aggressive yet jerk-free manner, while meeting the following stipulations:

Must have at least a 30km/h speed difference between your golf/jetta and the 'opposing vehicle' (hereby known as the 'opposed').

Must accelerate to the passing speed IN YOUR OWN LANE. this ensures maximum euro-flair on the aptly named "flare".

The "flare" is one of the most important aspects of the euro pass. by speeding up to this high speed, you will be closing the gap between yourself and the opposed. DONT LET UP! this is the most important part of the maneuver. at some point during this mad acceleration dash, the opposed will have checked their rearview and noticed that you're about to ram them. while they're bracing for impact (you'll generally see things flying around their cabin, possible ducking motions), you start the "flare". Adapted from airplane terminology, you want to smoothly but aggressively apply pressure to the control stalk (usually a steering wheel) so as to load up the right side of the suspension (unless you're doing a reverse euro pass, which would be to the right) in a smooth and linear manner so as to maintain maximum control over your euro ride. continue to accelerate through the maneuver, and cancel the maneuver once you've safely reached the other lane. Your opposed will be both breathing a heavy sigh of relief, as well as possibly yelling some kind of euro-bashing obscenity.

**job well done**

Ideally, the euro pass maneuver is started with about a 1000' seperation from the opposed, with the "flare" being started, with the minimum speed difference in effect, at about 15-20 feet behind the opposed.
"Hold on to something! we're gonna reverse europass that truck thats been hogging the left lane for the past 5 miles!"

"UHOH! I THINK THAT JETTA IS GOING TO RAM ME! ...oh phew, he was just doing a euro pass maneuver. stupid eurotrash."
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1. A relatively inexpensive travel voucher allowing for unlimited usage of the Euro rail and light-rail systems and the local trolley car and bus routes throughout participating European countries.

2. A uniquely old-world dump an American takes after eating the first and subsequent unpronounceable, unknown European meals. Typically released with the loud expulsion of gas accompanied with turd splatter.
Katie: "Man what was that?... 'burble, burble, burble"

Jill: "I know huh... tasted weird, I couldn't even finish mine... 'splat!'

Katie: "Mom told me to ask for an american menu... 'ploop'"

Jill: "Shoulda listened.... 'kerplunk, burble-platt'"

Jan: "What's the hold up?!?"

Katie: "Chill Jan... We're right in the middle of a bodacious 'euro pass'...!

Jan: "What's that...? Yeah, whatever... Were gonna miss the train... Hurry up, and you better have your Euro passes ready this time!"

Jill: "Man... she's such a bitch. Katie... can you pass me some more toilet paper?"

Katie: "More like newspaper huh?? Here you go."
by PlanetBJR January 17, 2011
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