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A large suburban school approx. an hour outside of st. Louis city. Notorious for being a hick school, but half the students the make up the body come from Wildwood, a middle/high class town where most Marquette and Lafayette kids live. Football season is huge, most of the students attend the Friday night games. Big sense of community, and everyone is friendly to each other.
by Ehsstudent June 17, 2011
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a large suburban school on the outskirts of st. other words...where a bunch of hicks attend school. when normal high school students hangout at the mall or the movies...these kids spend their weekends...well being hoosiers...heavan forbid if they would ever leave the the small town of eureka...populated 7000.
eureka high school is just your average public school...except the fact that its in the midlle of no where...eureka.

eureka kid #1 hey. what do you wanna do this weekend?
eureka kid #2 i dunno...the mall is too far away...
eureka kid#1 sooo...lets just find something in eureka to do!
by guess_whoo12 June 02, 2009
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