irc talk for when the problems overwhelm you and you can't think of a solution
I haven't made any dinner for my in-laws and they're arriving in 5 minutes. I have a can of beans and some washing powder.
by Matthew Cruickshank June 06, 2007
an exclamation indicating some ungodly midget related exodus into the wilds of nairobi
"eureka! i hope the dingos don't eat my midget, horace."
by meghan and jenny July 19, 2003
A small town in northwestern Arkansas known as a popular tourist attraction for Arkansonians. It also produces a freakish amount of unhappy, mentally unstable 'artsy' people who wander the earth bumming out everyone they meet with their whole life story, only to oneday return home and ensure the cycle continues oncemore.
"What took you so long?"
"That guy at the counter just started talking to me about his screwed up personal life. I don't know what the point was, except he has no desire to look to the future and do anything."
"probably from Eureka."
by JAm3s September 14, 2006

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