a) A very hard song in the video game In The Groove. The song's author is KaW feat. Smiley, which is a pseudonym for Kyle Ward, the main music composer for the In The Groove video game series. The hard chart isn't too bad, being rated as a 9-block, but the expert chart is extremely difficult. Despite it's relatively slow speed for its difficulty (140 BPM (with a short section at 70 BPM) and a 12-block chart), it's pretty nasty. The expert chart is notorious for it's 32nd-note drills (over 18 steps per second) that pop up rather frequently. During the slow section, the song doesn't let up, giving you 64th note drills.

b) The feeling that you get when you get a good score on Euphoria.
a) Person A: I can't believe that Dave full-comboed Euphoria expert!
Person B: I can pass it, but I always lose my combo at those drills!

b) Dave: I'm so glad that I full-comboed Euphoria; in fact, I'm in pure euphoria right now!!!
by JasonMath December 03, 2006
Top Definition
A feeling of great happiness or well-being
I felt some kind of euphoric high after butt-fucking my girfriend for several hours.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
The feeling you get the first time the girl of your dreams asks you out. It's the best feeling in the world, you feel you will never be sad again and nothing can ever go wrong. You are never bored, because you just think that she wants to go out with you and that makes you so happy. Anything bad that happens to you seems extremely insignificant compared to the fact that the girl of your dreams thinks you are special in some way that no one else on Earth is.
When Monique asked me out I was filled with euphoria and it seemed I would never be sad again.
by Adrian Cooper August 17, 2007
A feeling of great happiness. You are having the best time of your life. Unfortunately for some, it's also one of the first symptoms of carbon monixide poisoning, hard drugs, and the fact that your bipolar disorder is about to kick in.
Man 1: I am in a state of total euphoria!!

Man 2: You do realize heroin is bad for you, right?
by winterloggan January 20, 2010
Euphoria means you are feeling much better than you usually do. However, since the prefix "eu-" is Greek for "normal", the implication is that the way you feel in everyday life is actually "dysphoria", a state of depression.
The legendary psychedelic chemist Alexander Shulgin brought the true meaning of euphoria to my attention.
by rbg February 23, 2008
euphoria is, (or if it isn't, it should be) all the cannabis you could ever need
"congratulations, you've just won a lifetime's supply of weed!"

this example had to contain the word euphoria, so i thought it put it in this sentance i just wrote
by Generic Name October 26, 2007
A State of Supreme Bliss.

Created through practice of Qui Gong or Yoga.

Comparable to Full Body Orgasm.

Induced At Will Through Conscious Expansion.

Symptom of Immortality.

Symptom of Kundalini Yoga.

Side Effect of Conscious Thought.
The Yogi enters a state of Super Consciousness.

I understand the concept of Euphoria.

Euphoria is not common knowledge!
by Kundastis February 19, 2010
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